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High Efficient Wheat Thresher

  • Working Capacity: 500-800kg/h
  • Weight: 135kg
  • Threshing Percentage: 99%
  • Damage rate: 1%
  • Model: LZ-45
  • Main Components: Feeder, cylinder and rasp bar

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Product introduct Of Wheat Thresher:
It is mainly composed of the feeder inlet, cylinder, concave plate and main framework, etc. While working, it follows the 3 steps:
1.The inlet takes in the grains before it conveys them to the cylinder;
2.Once in the cylinder, the grains will be rubbed, squeezed, crashed and shaken between the rasp bar and concave plate until they are fully threshed;
3.The whole threshing process is completed after the stalks and seeds are separated.

Features Of Wheat Thresher:
1. Powered by either electric engines or diesel engines;
2. Used to thresher and clean the grains;
3. Detachable hood to clean the inside of the machine;
4. Painted exterior resistant to corrosion.

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Parameter Of Wheat Sheller Machine

Model Power of electric/diesel engine Working Capacity Dimensions Weight Damage Rate
LG-45 5.5kw/8hp 500-800kg 800*1200*1500 135kg 1%
LG-75 7.5kw/11hp 1500kg 1260*1200*1400 240kg 1%
LG-125 18hp 2000kg 1950*1500*1040 300kg 1%