• small wheat thresher machine

Agricultry Equipment Wheat Sheller Machine

  • Power(W):: 7.5kw/11hp
  • Voltage: 100-130v
  • Production Capacity: 1500kg/h
  • Threshing Percentage: 99%
  • Damage rate: 1%
  • Model Number: LG-75

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Introduction Of Wheat Sheller Machine
The Raphael thresher is a machine designed for threshing grains including wheat, barley,rice and sorghum. It is compact, user-friendly and efficient. Since its initial launch in the market, it has been generally regarded among wheat growers as an indispensable implement that effectively saves time and labor. 

Features Of Wheat Sheller Machine
1.    Powered by either electric engines or diesel engines;
2.    Used to thresh and clean the grains;
3.    Detachable hood to clean the inside of the machine;
4.    Painted exterior resistant to corrosion. 


Parameter Of Wheat Sheller Machine
Model Power of electric/diesel engine Working Capacity Dimensions Weight Damage Rate
LG-45 5.5kw/8hp 500-800kg 800*1200*1500 135kg 1%
LG-75 7.5kw/11hp 1500kg 1260*1200*1400 240kg 1%
LG-125 18hp 2000kg 1950*1500*1040 300kg 1%