• wheat seed planter

wheat planter for tracror

  • Matched Power: 15~25HP
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 1680*1980*1280
  • Basic Row Space(mm): 150 Adjustbale
  • Weight:: 340
  • Model Number: RL2BXF-12

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Introduction Of Wheat Planter For Tractor
Lightweight double disc opener, smooth ditching, fertilizing, planting in soil with straw. With spring floating mechanism, which can effectively avoid the obstruction of a single disk sowing overall leakage.
The machine can complete the job of flatting ground, ditching, seeding, fertilizing, repression, casing, vertical furrow, etc at one time

Features Of Wheat Planter For Tractor
1.easy operate
2.high working efficiency

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Parameter Of Wheat Planter For Tracror

Model No. RL2BXF-9 RL2BXF-12 RL2BXF-14 RL2BXF-16
Dimension:Length*Width*Height (mm) 1700×1830×1290 1680×1980×1280 1950×2310×1280 1900×2620×1260
Weight(kg) 290 340 390 440
Matched Power 8.8-13kw 12~18HP 11-13 kw 15~25HP 20-35 kw 30~50HP 22-36.8 kw 30~50HP
Planting(Fertilizing)Rows 9 12 14 16
Basic Row Space(mm) 180 Adjustbale 150 Adjustbale 150 Adjustbale 160 Adjustbale
Max Fertilizing Amount (kg/Acre) 182-364 Adjustbale 182-364 Adjustable 182-364 Adjustable 182-364 Adjustable
Max Sowing Rate kg/Acre 200 Adjustbale 212 Adjustbale 212 Adjustbale 212 Adjustbale
Planting(Fertilizing)Depth 20-50mm 20-50mm 20-50mm 20-50mm