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Wheat Harvesting Machine

  • 1: Small size and light weight.
  • 2: Perfect design.
  • 3: Low fuel consumption.
  • 4: Especially for small plots.
  • 5: Suitable for rice and wheat.

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Introduction of wheat harvester:
High Quality Mini Wheat Harvester machine is a new developed agricultural farm machine, very light while working. with harvesting and threshing wheat, it's a functional harvester. because the compact and simple structure, it's price is very good amout other rice harvesters. and the performance is well satisfied for the farmers.


1. for grain crops, such as rice and wheat.
2. especially suitable for mountain and hill areas.
3. small size and light weight, easy to carry.iN
4. suitable for general paddy field (mud feet depth below 15cm)
5. suitabe for lodging field ( the lodging angle within 35 degrees)
6. perfect design, simple structure, flexible operation.
7. low fuel consumption, wide applicability, high efficiency.
8. a double-cutter design, short crop straw stubble.

Introduction of wheat harvesting machine(wheat reaper):
Wheat Reaper adopts high-tech design philosophy to consider the farmers'condition and Committed to enhancing the working efficiency of the farmers.
There are suitable forsmall plots, mountains, hills and the region which need straw utilization for harvesting rice, wheat,soybeans and reed.

1. Easy operation and maintenance, small size, light weight
2.Especially for small plots, mountains, hills and the region
3.The model is about 2-5.5 acres harvested per hour, about 0.8-1.5 liters of fuel.
Parameter of wheat combine harvester:
Mini Combine Harvester 4LZ-0.6
Usage Rice & Wheat Harvester
Cutting width(mm) 1000
Engine Type 186F diesel engine
Oil Consumption(kg/mu) 1.0
Feeding Rate(kg/s) 0.6
Productivity(m2/h) 667-1000
Total Lost(%) <3
Breakage ratio(%) <2
Impurities ratio <7
Weight(kg) (with engine) 238
Dimension(mm) 2280*1250*1380

Parameter of combine harvester for sale(wheat reaper):

Reaper Model RL4G80 RL4G100 RL4G120A RL4G150
Type of Cutting Table Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical
Cutting Width (mm) 800 1000 1200 1500
Productivity (M2) 1300-2000 1500-2500 2000-3000 2300-3000
Overall Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H) 1850*1100*1100 2200*1400*1100 2200*1600*1100 2250*1850*1100
Net Weight(kg) 116 210 216 230
Matched Power (kw) 4.0 (5.5 hp) gas engine 3.64 (4.5 hp) diesel engine
Min Cutting Height (mm) More than 50
Placing Type Sidewise & Banded Placed
Teeth Space (mm) 127
Running Speed of Crank (r/min) 550
Diameter of Star Wheel (mm) 280
Working Speed (km/h) 2.6-3.6
Chain Speed (m/s) 2.24
Number of Operator 1
Notice: All above parameters are subject to change without notice because of rapid development of products.