• Irrigation Systerm

self-propelled boom sprayer

  • Model Number: 3WPZ-500
  • Matched Power: 25HP 4WD
  • Container Capacity(L): 500
  • Spray Width(m): 9-12
  • Walking Speed(km/h): 0-17
  • Spray nozzle work pressure(Mpa): 0.6-1.0

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Introduction Of Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer
3WPZ-500/700 self-propelled amphibiousboom sprayer adopts a unique and practical wheel that can be used for both dry land and paddy land, suitable for dwarf crop seedling, growing overall control. It can be widely used in large area of soil treatment before sowing, seedling herbicides and pest control and so on for crops as soybeans, wheat, rice, potato and plants like herbs, grass, garden flowers. One person per hour could spray3-11 acres, 30 times higher than the motorized sprayers, 100 times than the hand sprayers for the workload.

Features Of Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer
1, suitable for spraying, dry land crop pesticides;
2, the whole weight of 900-1200 kg; 3-speed transmission, the job with speed 8-20 km / h.
3, boom length: Basic 9 meters, extended up to 12 meters, with anti-collision function.
4, boom height: 0.5-1.5 meters from the ground can be automatically adjusted for dwarf crop seedling, growing overall control.

Parameter OF Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer
Name Specification
Model No. 3WPZ-500
Matched Power 25HP 4WD
Container Capacity(L) 500
Spray Width(m) 9-12
Spray nozzle work pressure(Mpa) 0.6-1.0
Pump Gear Pump
Walking Speed(km/h) 0-17
Ground Clearance(mm) 1050
Wheelbase(mm) 1600
Wheel Tread(mm) 1850
Battery 100AH/24V
Whole Dimension(mm) 4200*1710*1960
Total Weight(kg) 900
Spraying efficiency (acre / h) 3~5