• 15hp power tiller

mini power tiller

  • Model Number:: RL06A
  • Tilling Width:: 1100
  • Net Weight:: 160kg
  • Ground clearance:: 150~300 power tiller price

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Introduction of mini power tiller
The ultimate cross trainer. Flexible, versatile, powerful and efficient, RAPHAEL series tractor, will outperform your expectations.
Outstanding fluid economy you don't have to decide between power and fluid economy, you get both.
Tough conditions won't slow you down, the larger diameter and longer frootprint give you more surface engagement and greater traction to keep you moving.

Features of mini power tiller

1.Forward gear, neutral position, reverse gear speed parameter very reasonabl
2.Generally USES air-cooled diesel engine as power tiller price power itself has good reliability
3.The weight is in commonly 80 kg, moderate the cultivation effect is good, high efficiency, wide applicable scope
4.The aircraft is one of the most popular on the market at present best-selling models, widely accepted by the user.
5.General with general water-cooled diesel engine power, the weight light, convenient transport
6.Because the belt transmission, so can reduce the impact of motivation mechanism, the engine has certain protective effect
Parameter of mini power tiller

Model RL06A RL06B
Tiller Transmission Geardriving
Clutch Wetfrictionplate
GearShifting -1,0,1,2
TillingDepth(mm) 150~300
TillingWidth(mm) 800-1300
Productivity(hm2/h) ≥0.06
NetWeight(kg) 126 135
Engine EngineModel GEGO178F GEGO186F
EngineType singlecylinder,vertical4-stroke,air-cooled
Borexstroke(mm) 78x62 86x70
FuelTankCapacity(L) 3.5 5.5
Displacement(ML) 296 418
Max.PowerHP(kw)/rpm 6(4.4)/3600 9(6.6)/3600
Starting Recoilstart
Others Packagesize(mm) 1050x570x780 1050x570x780
Qty/20'GP 66units 66units
Qty/40'GP 135units 135units
Min.order 20sets