• Fruit Grader

Fruit Grader

  • capacity: 8T/H
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 9000*1800*1000mm
  • weight: 500kg
  • voltage: 220v
  • power: 2.2kw

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  • Technical parameters
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Introduction Of Fruit Grader
Automatic Potato Sorter Machine is to use two same direction walk at a constant speed of stainless steel pipe conveyor belt in walking distance gradually, as the distance between the tube and tube expanding gradually, so the classification of products from small to big leakage respectively.

Features Of Fruit Grader
Suitable for wide round or oval fruit classifying
 Power-driven to be more efficient
 Equipment with multifunction with elevator,washing,grading
 Grading hole size as per custom made, 3-6 size
 Sanitary food standard plastic for roller,  stainless steel 304 frame to guarantee quality

Parameter Of Fruit Grader
Model capacity rated voltage power Purpose
6SF-3000C 8T/H 220V 2.2KW Potato
6SF-3000D 3-5T/H 220V 0.75KW Potato
6SF-3000A 3T/H 220V 0.55KW peach,tomato, small potato
6SF-3000AB 3-5T/H 220V 0.75KW peach,tomato, small potato
6SF-3000H 3T/H 220V/380V 1.25KW cherry tomato,jujube
6SF-5000B 8T/H 220V 2.2KW Garlic, onion
6SF-5000DR-1 8T/H 380V 16KW peach,tomato
6SF-5000DR-2 8T/H 380V 16KW peach,tomato
6SF-5000DR-3 5T/H 220V/380V 10KW Apple
6SF-5000DR-4 3-5T/H 220V/380V 4KW Orange