• potato planter1

Potato Planter

  • RL 2CM-1 Weight(kg): 150
  • RL 2CM-1 Seeding rows: 1
  • Space of plants: 25-33
  • RL 2CM-1 Productivity (ha/h): 0.2-0.4
  • RL 2CM-1 Seed box volume(L): 120

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Introduction Of Potato Planter
The model 2CM cultivators of potatoes adapt to different ares,the natural environments,geographical features,the climates,soils and agriculture demands,we apply the advanced technology to cultivator of potatoes.test their mechianical performance again and again,they are successful improved minitype.
The 2CM series cultivator of potatoes match the tractors of mini types,the functions include collection ditching ,the soil applying fertilizer,sowing seeds and covering,they may integraly complete fertilizing and seeding.
This 2CM series potato planter ,introducing the advanced technology for producing potato planter aboard ,match the 20-90 hp four-wheel tractor and combine ditch,manuring ,sowing casing soil together ,it can complete manuring and sowing aimultaneously.

Features Of Potato Planter
1.the machine is suitable for all kinds of soil and can meet various requirements of agriculture;
2.It has many advantages such as a compact structure, good mobility, tational layout, smooth, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, etc.;
3. Seed depth, ridge height, spacing and plant spacing can be adjusted;
4.With this machine seeds could be in triangle shape and make reasonable use of space. Making a good base for increasing production and growing up. 

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Parameter Of Potato Planter
Type RL 2CM-1 RL 2CM-2
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (cm) 90×130×150 170×130×150
Weight(kg) 150 240
Seeding rows 1 2
Space of rows - 50-85
Space of plants 25-33 25-33
0.2-0.4 0.4-0.6
Seed box volume(L) 120 240
Fertilizer box volume(L) 30 80
Linkage three-point mounted
Matched Power(kw) 8.8-18.3 14.7-36.7