• small potato harvester

sweet potato harvester

  • Model Number: 4U-180
  • working width: 830
  • working depth: 100-220
  • matched power: 58.4-73kw
  • grain rate: >98
  • drive: tractor driven

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Introduction of sweet potato harvester
4U Series Potato Harvester has the merits of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling, and no blocking by the grasses.
The structure is simple and the operation life time is long, etc.
This machine is composed by seedingcut equipment, ground wheel, digging blade, conveying chain, sorting screen etc. So it could finish from seeding cutting to sorting in one time.

Features of sweet potato harvester
1. mainly used for harvesting Root crops or fruit like potatos,carrots,garlic etc.
2. With no grass blocking or clod leakage during working.
3. The anti-grass winding function of the machine enables harvesting with seedlings without any blocking.
4. The residual agricultural film can be extracted so as not to affect the next crop's growth
5. The working principle is that the digging shovel digs up the soil and crops through the impetus of the tractor.
     And the digging shovel make crop and soil separate through vibration

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Parameter of sweet potato harvester
Model 4U-83 4U-110 4U-130 4U-180
Dimension 1770*1150*900 2440*1500*1100 2600*1550*1220 2900*2030*1350
weight 230 495 512 817
matched power 18.4-29.4 32.85-40.15 32.85-40.15 58.4-73
Working efficiency >0.15 ≥0.26 ≥0.31 ≥0.36
PTO speed 540 540 540 540
Digging depth 100-220 100-220 100-220 100-220
working width 830 1100 1300 1800
breakage rate <2 <2 <2 <2