• agricultural mulch film machine

Potato Film Laminating Machine

  • Driven: walking tractor
  • Working condition: Plains, hills, medium plot
  • Crops application: Potato, peanut,cotton, corn, melons, medicinal herbs
  • Warranty: 12 month

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Introduction Of Potato Film Laminating Machine
Potato Film Laminating Machine is widely used in plains, hills, medium and small plots, potatoes, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, corn, watermelon, herbs and other crops, mulching.
The working width can be adjusted according to demand

Features of Potato Film Laminating Machine
1. Widely use for kinds of crops
2.With drought resistant dry function and spraying pesticides functions.
3.Fertilizing, spraying coating, completely process
4.Save water, Early mature crops, improve quality, save lobor cost

Parameter Of Potato Film Laminating Machine
Model RR-W-01 RR-T-02
match power 8.8kw walking tractor 8.8-20.8(kW)tractor
film width 700-900(mm) adjustable 800-950(mm) adjustable
Sowing depth 30-50(mm) adjustable 30-50(mm) adjustable
rows 2 rows 2 rows
row space 250(mm) 250-500(mm)
hill spacing 170-350(mm) adjustable 170-350(mm) adjustable
working performance 3-5(mu/h) 4-6(mu/h)