•  potato cultivator

potato hiller

  • productivity: 3-5 mu/h
  • overall dimension: 2.2*1.32*1.25m
  • ridge width: 700-900mm
  • weight: 140gs

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Potato Hiller Introduction
Potato Hiller prevent the grass growing, prevent the potatos from getting green, and the sprouts will be strong.
When the potatos get sprouted, they can go out against the film independently, no need manual helping.

Features of Potato Hiller
1. Better hilling effect
2. Reasonable structure, rotation speed faster
3. Non-overload work, anti-wear
4.Efficient, small drive power

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Parameter of Potato Hiller
Model: 2TD-S2 2TD-S2A 2TD-S3
Linkage: three-point rear mounted
matched power(hp): 25-35 ≥30HP ≥35HP
overall dimension (mm): 1700*1415*980 1900*1500*1080 2200*1320*1250
applicable ridge : 800-1200mm 700-1300mm 700-900mm