• Peanut Planter 1

Peanut Planter

  • Dimension: 2940*2100*900 mm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Adapted film width: 800-900mm
  • Planting depth: 40-70mm (adjustable)
  • Container Capacity: 60kg
  • Planting rows: 4 rows

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Introduction Of Peanut Planter
The peanut planter series, introducing the advanced technology for producing peannut planter abroad, match four-wheel tractor and combine ditch, manuring, sowing, casing soil, may complete manuring and sowing simultaneously. In the area planted to ridging, can according to the needs of farmers grow ridging, according to size, can the power tractor combination of group, the production efficiency is more than 5-8 acres per hour, with compact structure, mobility, rational layout, smooth, maintenance of simple features, and according to different regional agricultural planting requirements, adjust depth, spaced and Planting distance.

Features Of Peanut Planter

1, High Efficiency;
2. Easy to operate;
3. Multifunctional.
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Parameter Of Peanut Planter
The main technical parameters and performance indicators (4 row planter peanuts)
supporting power 35-100 hp (adjusted according to user needs)
Dimension 2940*2100*900 mm
Weight 200kg
Adapted film width 800-900mm
Planting depth 40-70mm (adjustable)
seed tank volume 10*4kg
Container Capacity 60kg
Planting rows 4 rows
plant spacing 490-520mm
dropping distance 180-220mm
spray pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
row forms filled with spit containing Seedmeter
operating efficiency 5-10 acres / hour
Points grain pass rate > 98%
seed breakage rate < 3%