• Peanut Picker1

Peanut Picker

  • Dimensions: 5500 × 2000 × 1900 (mm)
  • Weight: 600Kg
  • Abstract net rate: > 99%
  • Broken rate: <1% (with peanut breeds)
  • Impurity rate: <3%

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Introduction Of Peanut Picker
Peanut picking machine can use for wet or dry, adapted to a wide range of breeds. Easy to operate, can works with motors and tractors for fixed and mobile operations. Automatic feeding conveyor adopts high strength symmetrical chains, good transmission capacity, high strength. Automatic bagging system using power fans, air volume, dried fruit, wet fruit can be installed, and high quality bags, not broken peanuts, bagging peanuts are not splashing and no losses, after the set fruit box open, peanuts can be self loading, the size of the fruit own classification, and added a winnowing, peanut cleaner and non-hybrid.

Features of Peanut Picker
1.Wet and dry peanut picker is suitable for isolation from peanut vine to fruit after digging out, Ideal for fresh peanut picking;
2.Peanuts clean and non-hybrid after cleaning and picking, can be stored directly after dry;
3.Easy to operate, reliable performance, picking clean, high efficiency, less broken, low matched power;
4.the machine can works with electric motor or with tractor through a universal joint connection for fixed and mobile operations;
5.the machine use increased cylinder, thicker material, more stable performance, continuous operation ability. Each component good at coordinated operation.  

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Parameter Of Peanut Picker
Dimensions length × width × height = 5500 × 2000 × 1900 (mm)
Weight 600Kg
Matching power ≥8KW spindle speed: 600r / min
Efficiency Dry pick: 2-8 acres / hour (with peanut varieties and related to the operation)
Wet pick: 1-3 acres / hour (with peanut varieties and related to the operation)
Abstract net rate > 99% (with peanut breeds)
Broken rate <1% (with peanut breeds)
Impurity rate