• peanut combine harvester

single-row peanut harvester

  • Model Number: RL-PH800
  • Digging Width(mm): 690
  • Working lines (line): 1-2
  • Operating Speed: 4---12km/h
  • Pure work productivity:: 0.3-0.5 hm2/H
  • Matched Power(kw): ≥15kw

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Introduction of single-row peanut harvester
single-row peanut harvester is used to complete the process of harvesting fruits, isolating soil, laying strips, lift picking, picking, cleaning harvesting machinery other items of the job.
This machine works with high production efficiency, less job loss, fast transfer speed, safe and reliable, suitable for sandy loam peanut soil with water content of 10% to 18%. When operating, digging shovel will scoop up soil and peanuts, with the throwing work of throw soil wheel and pull over wheel,

Parameter of single-row peanut harvester

1. Simple and easy linkage , can match with wheeled tractor from 15kw to 44.1kw;
2. complete and orderly processes to complete the job in helping seedlings, mining, pulverizer, shaking soil and peanut drying task , with low cut loss rate;
3. The operation of high efficiency, low harvesting costs. Single machine working efficiency of 0.3-0.5 hm²/H, save the time for harvesting peanut and lower the cost;
4. Wide range of Usage, suitable for a variety of soil, can use for ground and ridge planting.

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Parameter of single-row peanut harvester
Model No. RL-PH800
Dimension(mm) 2560×1010 ×1050
Structural Weight(kg) 298
Matched Power(kw) Wheeled Tractor, ≥15kw
Input Rotating Speed(r/min) 540/720/1000
Digging Structure Type shovel-like
Underground Angle 15°
Width(mm) 690
Applied line/ridge distance (mm) 250-400/650-1000
Working lines (line) 1-2
Operating Speed 4---12km/h
Pure work productivity 0.3-0.5 hm²/H
Maximum digging depth (mm) 200