• submersible water pump

water pump

  • Model Number: RL12V
  • Rated Voltage:: 12V
  • flow (ton):: 2/1.5/1
  • RPM(r/min):: 2900/2600
  • Fuel: : DC power

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Introduction Of Water Pump
Compared with AC pumps, DC micro-pumps more secure, and compact, portable. Large pumps (as part of the impeller, centrifugal, etc.) must be added to water before use, miniature pumps have an important function: "self-absorption" , which means before each pumping, without adding additional water under the circumstances, the pumps will automatically suck it up, especially for some corrosive or inconvenient to manually add water situation, the self-priming function is very convenient, more welcomed by the majority of users.

Features Of Water Pump

1.Stainless steel Iron Base
2.strengthened power cord
3.adopt 12V/24/36/48/60V DC power supply

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Parameter Of Water Pump

Rated Voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V
Power(W) 160/120/120 120/180/220 240 180/260/300/350 350
Lift (M) 5-7/4-5/2 6/7-8/8-10 8-10 9/10-12/13-15/13-15 12-13
flow (ton) 2/1.5/1 2.5/3/4 4 4/4-5/5-6/7 5-6
outlet pipe diameter 25MM
power cord(M) 2.5/5/10 2.5/5/10 10 7/10/13/20 10
RPM(r/min) 2900/2600 2900/3000/3100 3000 3100/3200/3400 3200