• sprinkler irrigation system

sprinkling irrigation machine

  • Model Number:: RLJP75 / 300II
  • Diameter:: 700 cm
  • the largest one-way spraying length: 320m
  • nozzle diameter:: 8-50mm
  • PE water pipe velocity difference: ≤20VU

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Introduction Of Sprinkling Irrigation Machine
Sprinkling irrigation machine inlet and booster pump outlet are connected with pipes, by means of high pressure water driving water turbine on sprinkler. Water turbine drives reduction gear box by a belt drive, and then chain transmission system drive the winch rotating, then mobilize PE pipe to drive sprinkler wagon automatically Recycling at a constant speed.

Features Of Sprinkling Irrigation Machine

1.large water sprayer quanitity
2.stainless steel material
3.Isael-importer fertilizing device

Parameter Of Sprinkling Irrigation Machine

PE water pipes outside diameter the largest one-way spraying length One-way operation recovery time combined spray uniformity coefficient PE water pipe velocity difference between the layers nozzle diameter
(mm) (m) (h) IUC(%) (Vu) (mm)
75 320 8-16 ≥85 ≤20 8-50
The weight (without water) The weight (with water) Dimension Ground Clearance Chassis wheelbase adjustable range Sprinkler wagon wheelbase adjustable range
(kg) (kg) (mm) (cm) (cm) (cm)
1550 2400 5190×2100×2620 30 150-180 130-280
Single nozzle type    
Single nozzle type(Mpa) nozzle diameter(mm) Flow(m3/h) Spraying width range(m)    
0.5-0.85 18,20,22 13-50 40-70    
More nozzle truss type    
wheelbase adjustable range(Mpa) nozzle no. and diameter(mm) Flow (m3/h) Maximum width control(m)    
0.4-0.7 13,4.4-7.5 10-40