• Irrigation System

Irrigation System

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month

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Introduction Of Irrigation System
Micro-jet hose, also called micro-jet belt or porous pipe, is a cutting-edge device that has seen growing application in many areas. Its working process is as follows: it pipes and distributes water (after it is pressurized) across the field. Then the water will be sprayed out of the holes of the micro-jet nozzles, while it, under the gravitation and air resistance, forms a fine rain of droplets to maximize the irrigation effect. The holes on the tubes are aligned in a way that they are distributed at a small but even distance. The holes (their diameter ranging from 0.1~1.2mm), made through high-precision lasers and drillers, take several shapes: slanting 5-hole pattern, horizontal 3-hole pattern, double-hole pattern and single holes, etc. Currently, there are five models of pipes available: N30, N45, N50, and N65. They work for different plants including grains, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, fruit, etc.  

Features Of Irrigation System
1.Similar irrigation effect like natural rains: the fine water droplets it creates are evenly-distributed, and are soft so that they won’t harm the crops or change the property of soil;
2.Low cost with high efficiency;
3.Strong capacity of resisting and removing pipe blockage; as well as of water purification;
4.Low operating pressure, power-efficiency and thus low investment in water supply equipment;
5.Easy installation and storage.

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Parameter Of Irrgation Systerm
  bursting pressure spray diameter weight/100 meter service life
Ordinary belt 0.8kg 1.5-5m 1.5~3.2kg 1~2years
Ordinary Winged belt 1.2kg 1.5~6 m 3.7kg 2~3years
Strenghened Winged belt 3.7kg 4~12 m