•  Pole Chain saw

pruning saw

  • Model Number:: LCS330
  • Type:: Pole Chainsaws
  • Length(engine to connector)(m): : 1.75
  • Discharging capacity(cc):: 33
  • Petrol tank capacity(L): : 0.8
  • Max.power(kw/r/min):: 0.9(1.2hp)/6500

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Introduction Of Pruning Saw
The ultimate cross trainer. Flexible, versatile, powerful and efficient, RAPHAEL series pole chain saws, will outperform your expectations.
Outstanding fluid economy you don't have to decide between power and fluid economy, you get both.
The pole chain saw for forest felling, bucking, pruning and bucking of wood, railway sleepers, such as crosscutting and other operations.
RAPHAEL pole chain saw applies in particular to high danger of clipping. the product has a big power, small vibration, high efficiency sawing, timber and low cost advantages.

Features Of Pruning Saw
This product has features: 
1 haying function; 
2 mowing function;
3 chain saws feature;
4.pruning feature.
The product can be optionally one working head, such as lawn mowers head, brush cutter, high branch chain saw, hedge trimmer four kinds of appliances. This product is easy to carry, easy to use, with the four functions, the optional multifunction products high sticks, four, three in one product.
Pole saws for forest harvesting, bucking, pruning, etc., and Kiba bucking, railway sleepers cut saws and other operations. Especially for high pruning dangerous place The product has the power, vibration, high cutting efficiency, and low cost advantages logging.

Parameter Of Pruning Saw

Parameter Pole Chain Saw LCS330 Pole hedge trimmer LHT330
Total length(m) 2.6-3.8 2.6-3.8
Net weight (kg) 9.5 10
Length(engine to connector)(m) 1.75 1.75
Matched engine 1E32F-2A 1E32F-2A
Discharging capacity(cc) 33 33
Petrol tank capacity(L) 0.8 0.8
Max.power(kw/r/min) 0.9(1.2hp)/6500 0.9(1.2hp)/6500
Diameter of aluminium pipe(mm) 26 26
Packing size(mm) 1760*280*260*130 1760*280*260*130