• Chainsaw1


  • Power type: Single Cylinder,two-stroke.
  • NT3700 Chain Gauge: 0.050"
  • NT3700 Displacement: 36.3CC
  • NT3700 Rated Output power: 1.5kW
  • NT3700 Relent Speed : 13000rpm

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1.Easy and safe to operate, GS,CE,EURO Ⅱ approved;
2.Famous motor for garden working; 
3.Switch for easy operation and safe protection;
4.Streamlined exterior and excellent components make it work well.
Chainsaw Advice:
1. Keep the work area clean; 
2.Keeep the tool not work in the rain, much humidity or flammable liquids and gases places;
3. Keep The electric wire away from heat, oil and sharp objects ;
4. Keep the tool's working-ability within power capacity. 
Model No.: NT3700 NT3200 NT6200 NT5800 NT5210 NT10500 NT9200
Power type: Single Cylinder,two-stroke,Air-cooling
Cylinder Diameter* Stroke 38mm*32mm 38mm*28mm 48mm*34mm 46mm*34mm 45mm*31mm 58mm*40mm 54mm*40mm
Displacement: 36.3CC 31.8CC 61.5CC 54CC 52CC 105.7CC 91.6CC
Rated Output power: 1.5kW 1.3kW 2.9kW 2.2kW 2.0kW 4.8kW 4.8kW
Relent Speed: 13000rpm 8000rpm 8000rpm 8000rpm 8000rpm 8000rpm 9500rpm
Fuel Mixture Ratio: Gasoline/Two-cycle Oil = 25:1
Fuel Tank Capacity: 410ml 250ml 750ml 550ml 550ml 1200ml 825ml
Engine Oil Tank Capacity: 200ml 145ml 450ml 260ml 260ml 530ml 360ml
Guide Bar Size: 16"/18" 14"/16" 15"-28" 20"-24" 18"/20"/22" 25"~36" 26"~36"
Chain Pitch: 3/8" 3/8" 3/8"" 0.325" 0.325" 0.404" 0.404"
Chain Gauge: 0.050" 0.050" 0.058" 0.058" 0.058" 0.063" 0.063"
N/G Weight: 4.6KG/6KG 3.9KG/5.9KG 7KG/8KG 6.5KG 6.3KG 12.5KG/10.5KG 7.3KG
Meas: 440mm*260mm*300mm 420mm*240mm*280mm 550mm*265mm*315mm 510mm*260mm*300mm 510mm*260mm*300mm 570mm*380mm*370mm 480mm*290mm*330mm