• electric air blower

air blower

  • Model Number: : RLEB260
  • Fuel tank capacity(L): 0.5
  • Discharging capacity(cc):: 25.4
  • Mixed fuel ratio: : 25:1
  • Power Type: : Petrol / Gas

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Introduction Of Air Blower 
RAPHAEL blower can be widely applied to vegetable greenhouses blowing snow, roads, squares, aircraft parking apron, railways, runways, taxiways and elevated overpass blowing snow, blowing dust.
The machine's power is big, low fuel consumption, enough energy,it can blow the snow from the back of the greenhouses to the ditch in the front of the greenhouse, timely and effective way to remove the snow sheds on the surface of the green house, generally an acre of land in greenhouses only about 30 minutes snow removal work can be completed.
Raphael blower is knapsack fuselage, using composite ergonomic design, low labor intensity, easy to operate, comfortable.

Features Of Air Blower
This product has features: 
1 blowing snow; 
2 blowing leaf;
3 blowing dust.
Small investment, low energy consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance.
Its applicability, on the road no damage to solve the problem of greenhouse snow mantle,is the ideal tool for snow removal.Timely snow removal and prevents snow on greenhouse rolling machine hazards, greenhouse manager is a good helper, so winter city environment has been significantly improved. A multi-purpose, affordable!

Parameter Of Corn Straw Chopping Machine

Productivity(t/h) 3-6
Mainframe applied power(kw) 37
Transmission power(kw) 3
Diameter of mainframe(mm) 700
Circling speed(r/min) 1600
Width of transmitter (mm) 550
Transmitting speed(m/s) 0.5
Transmitting distance(mm) 4-8
External dimension(mm) 2100*1660*1250
Weight of mainframe(kg) 1030