• 80-130HP Tractor1

80-130HP Tractor

  • RL1204 Dimension L*W*H(mm): 5040*2255*2870
  • RL1204 Mini ground clearance(mm): 470
  • RL1204 Driver Type: 4*4
  • RL1204 Wheel base(mm): 2688.5
  • RL1204 Numbers of the gear: 12F+4R

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1. CE certification;
2. High working efficiency, increase 30% speed;
3. Low fuel consumption, save 20% fuel.
1. Engine: YTO/Dong fang hong Brand,large torque backup and low fuel consumption;
2. Clutch: Dry, single disc,13-inch double action clutch;
3. Gearbox: 4X(3+1),12 forward gears+4 reverse gears, mesh sleeve shift;
4. Cylinder: Split-type and high-pressure lifter with four cylinder;
5. Steering: Full hydraulic front-wheel steering with independent circuit;
6. Brake: Reliable hydrostatic disc brake with large brake torque;
7. Output: Stable and independent power output, with 6-spline 540/1000 r/min;
8. Gear: Planet-gear final transmission with small volume and large reduction ratio;
9. Linkage: Rear three-point linkage, tire (front wheel+rear wheel) is 14.9-26+18.4-38;
10. Cabin: Cabin with air-conditioner and comfortable seat.
Tractor is used for towing and driving a variety of ancillary equipment to complete site preparation, planting, harvesting, transportation and construction of basic farmland and other operations

Tractor Model RL1204 RL1304 RLY1804
Driver Type 4*4
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 5040*2255*2870 5050*2370*3000 5285*2696*2960
Wheel base(mm) 2688.5 2848
Mini ground clearance(mm) 470 495
Mini Using Weight(KG) with cabin 4850 4810 6880
Numbers of the gear 12F+4R
Engine Model LR6B5-23 LR6M5-23 SC8D215G2
Marked power (KW) 88.2 95.6 132.3
Rated revolution (r/min) 2300 2200
Tires type Front 14.9-26 16.9-28
Rear 18.4-38 20.8-38
Steering Hydraulic
PTO Type Postposition, Semi-Detached or Detached
Speed (r/min) 540/1000,6 Spine
Power(kw) 71.25 81.7 118
Notice:All above parameters are subject to change without notice because of rapid development of products.