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single chain trencher

  • Model Number: HCK-50
  • Operating Speed: 100-300 m/h
  • Furrow width: 120-300 mm
  • Ditching Depth: 0-1300 mm
  • Auxiliary power: 23.5-38 kw
  • Overall Dimensions: 2950*1200*1150 mm

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Introduction of single chain trencher
single chain trencher can achieve the same depth dug trenches, width adjustable uniform size, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of mining. Chain trencher with a power ranging from 60-140 hp for the width of the trench excavation different type, can be converted into single and double chains,

Features of single chain trencher
1. trenching buried pipes, cables, fiber optic cable.
2. ditching fertilize fruit trees, and harvest yam subsoiling.
3. trencher urban construction and road construction Road edge, walls, garden fences foundation

Parameter Of Single Chain Trencher
Dimenshion (mm) 2950*1200*1150 2600*1650*1340
Operating Speed(m/h) 100-300 50-200
Ditching width (m) 0-1.3 0-0.8
Ditching depth (m) 0.12-0.3 0.12-0.6
Auxiliary power(kw) 23.5-38 23.5-73
Chain Single Chain Double Chain
Accessories a special wrench, 5 alloy tool, 12 manganese steel cutter, 2 chain connecting pin .
12 the width adjustment shims .