• chain saw machine price

double chain saw

  • Model Number: HCK-50
  • Furrow width: 120-300 mm
  • Ditching Depth: 0-1300 mm
  • Operating Speed: 100-300 m/h
  • Auxiliary power: 23.5-38 kw

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Introduction of double chain saw
double chain saw An efficient and practical new chain trencher devices. It is mainly consisted of the power system, deceleration system, the chain of transmission and sub-soil system. Diesel use belt passing through the rotation to the clutch, drive walk gearbox, drive shaft, rear axle to achieve linear motion Chain Trencher forward or backward.

Features of double chain saw
1. trenching buried pipes, cables, fiber optic cable.
2. ditching fertilize fruit trees, and harvester yam subsoiling.
3. simple structure, easy to operate.
4. High efficiency, ditching the depth and width adjustable.

Parameter of double chain saw
Dimenshion (mm) 2950*1200*1150 2600*1650*1340
Operating Speed(m/h) 100-300 50-200
Ditching width (m) 0-1.3 0-0.8
Ditching depth (m) 0.12-0.3 0.12-0.6
Auxiliary power(kw) 23.5-38 23.5-73
Chain Single Chain Double Chain
Accessories a special wrench, 5 alloy tool, 12 manganese steel cutter, 2 chain connecting pin .
12 the width adjustment shims .