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  • 7C-1.5T size of tire: 6.00-16/2
  • 7CX-1.5T size of tire: 330
  • 7C-3 T size of tire: 580
  • 7CX-3T size of tire: 680

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Introduction Of Trailer
We have various types to meet your needs. Series of RL agricultural trailers from 0.5 to 12 tons meet the national standard. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, economic and durable in working, can match various types of tractors.
It is mainly used for transportation of farming materials and crops in the field. It consists of two series, automatic unloading which consists of side unloading and back unloading and non-automatic unloading. The quality is reliable and loading capacity is huge enough. It is easy to be operated and maintained. Color can be done in accordance with the requirements of each customer set color number. The stylish simple new design brings you sense of beauty.
We will take creating famous brand and good quality as a goal to establish good business relationship with foreigner friends, and create a better future.

Features Of Trailer
1. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance
2. Can match with various types of tractors
3. Side and back unloading function
4. Applicable for plains, mountains, wetlands, knap, rural area
5. User manual and detailed videos/CD
6. One year guarantee for whole machine

Parameter Of Trailer
Model Carriage dimension (mm) Overall dimension (mm) Rated weight (kg) Dead weight (kg) size of tire Tipping pattern Matched power (hp)
7C-1.5T 2000*1000*450 3000*1300*1700 1500 280 6.00-16/2 Dump with manual Assistance 12-18
7CX-1.5T 2000*1000*450 3000*1300*1700 1500 330 6.00-16/2 Hydraulic dump 12-18
7C-3 T(mono-axle) 3000*1600*450 4150*1650*2000 3000 580 7.50-16 Manual 25-40
7CX-3T (mono-axle) 3000*1600*450 3600*1550*1880 3000 680 7.50-16 Hydraulic Dump 25-40
7C-3T(bi-axle) 3400*1700*460 4400*1750*1980 3000 820 7.00-16 Manual 25-40
7CX-3T (bi-axle) 3400*1700*460 4400*1750*1980 3000 980 7.00-16 Hydraulic Dump 25-40
7C-4T 3500*1700*550 5000*1700*2000 4000 990 750-16/4 Manual 30-50