• plough for atv

mini plough machine

  • Model Number: RL-1LYQ-220
  • Matched power: 18HP
  • Working width: 0.4M
  • Dia of disc: 510mm

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Introduction Of Mini Plough Machine

Welcome to purchase Raphael plough. Our company manufacture plough in different structure and size which match for 12HP-180HP farm tractor, can also manufacture according customer's sample and drawing in large quantity.
We will take creating famous brand and good quality as a goal to establish good business relationship with foreigner friends, and create a better future.

Features Of Mini Plough Machine
1.Disc plough, mounted with tractor when working, is suitable for land cultivating in tne field with grass, straws and    stems of crops or plants, and also suitable for land with many stones or brickbat, which has firm structure  and high working efficiency.   And this is the series of plough with mud scrapers.
2.  1L series of share plough is a mounted share plow, suitable for loam, sandy loam soils moreover dry land farming area.It is compact in construction, and versatile in  application. With good working quality, smooth land and better hacking function and small dead furrow. This series of share plow is mainly divided into 20series,25series,30series,35series.
3. This series hydraulic reversible plow is suitable for ploughing on the cultivated dry field with the soil resistance less than 1.0kg/c,and also can be used in the paddy field ,the operation is double direction as shuttle doing,after plough,the land surface if smooth without opened and closed furrows,and less empty lines at both end of the land.With a compact structure, it is suitable for working on all various land.

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Parameter Of Mini Plough Machine
Disc plough
Model Working width(m) Weight (kg) Dia of disc(mm) Matched power(HP)
1LYQ(T)-220 0.4 200 510 ≥18
1LYQ(T)-315 0.45 210 460 ≥25
1LYQ(T)-320 0.6 230 510 25-40
1LYQ(T)-325 0.75 480 660 ≥50
1LYQ(T)-425 1 540 660 80-100
1LYQ(T)-525 1.25 640 660 100-120
1LYQ(T)-625 1.5 670 660 120-160
1LYQ(T)-230 0.6 430 710 45
1LYQ(T)-330 0.9 490 710 55
1LYQ(T)- 430 1.2 570 710 65