• chaff cutter kenya

chaff cutter

  • Model Number: 9Z-9A
  • Power(W): 15 kw
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 2620*2140*4110 mm
  • Diesel Engines: more than 25 HP
  • Processing Speed: 3-20 ton per hour

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Introduction of chaff cutter
chaff cutter Suitable for cutting green and dry corn stalk, rice and wheat stalk. The processed mass can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. It can also processed cotton stalk,bark,branches,They can also be used to generate electricity, make paper , artificial board and extract alcohol.

Features of chaff cutter
1. Three-leaf knife plates are equipped with strengthening ring, making it stronger and integral. Adjusting bolts are added between the knife plate and main axel, allowing more convenient movements and more convenient knife gap adjustments.
2. Advanced feeding structure with hay-conveying rollers (for whose patent we have been awarded), the cutter conveys hay automatically and smoothly at a high speed. 
3. Designed with motive knife safety guide, preventing knives from knocking into each other, thus making the whole machine safe and reliable. 
4. Unique gear boxes allow more accurate adjustment of processed hay length. The box is tightly sealed.
5. The transmitting section is equipped with rolling bearings and universal joints, so it is easy to take apart and the whole machine operates smoothly.
6. The advanced feeding and transmitting structure is controlled by a button, which is easy to control. 
7. The blade made of high-quality steel is refined through special technical process, so it is especially wear-proof. The cutter uses high-strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.
8. As the largest type with the highest productivity in the country, it is furnished with rubber wheels, making such a giant machine easy to move about.
Parameter of chaff cutter
Model 9Z-30 9Z-9A 9Z-6A 9Z-4C 9Z-2.5 9Z-0.4
Electric Motor(kw) 30 15 7.5 5.5 4 1.5-2.2
Processing Speed(t/h) 12-30 t 3-20 2.5-15 2-8 1-4 0.4-0.6
green corn straw 30 t/h;聽 9 t/h 6聽 t/h 4 t/h 2.5 t/h 0.4-0.6 t/h
dry corn straw 12 t/h 3.5 t/h 2 t/h 1.6 t/h 1 t/h 0.2-0.3 t/h
dry rice straw 10 t/h 4 t/h 2 t/h 1.3 t/h 1 t/h 0.2-0.3 t/h
dry wheat straw 12 t/h 3 t/h 1.5 t/h 1 t/h 0.6 t/h 0.2 t/h
dry alfalfa 12 t/h 3.5 t/h 2.5 t/h 1.5 t/h 1.2 t/h 0.2-0.3 t/h
Length of processed hay(mm) 18,27,41,64 12,18, 25,35 12,18, 25,35 17,22,34,44 15,35 16
External dimensions(mm) 4290*2510*4510 2620*2140*4110 1968*2147*2756 1737*1575*2315 1230*1150*1695 953*344*800
Weight 2300 800 400 280 138 44
Application For Large Scale Farms For Large Scale Farms suitable for a farm of 100 cows or 300 sheep. suitable for a farm of 30 cows or 100 sheep. suitable for a farm of 15 cows or 50 sheep. for Home Use