• Feed Mixer1

Feed Mixer

  • RL-V5 Vomume(m3): 5
  • RL-V5 knife number: 8
  • RL-V5 Weight(kg): 2500
  • RL-V5 Type: Vertical

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Introduction Of Feed Mixer
TMR stands for Total Mixed Rations (full mixed diet),means coarse material ,concentrate , trace elements and other additives are mixed feed. It Provide enough adequate nutrition to cattle ,sheep.
The advantage of TMR is exclude the cow PICKY NICKY. TMR is specified proportion completely mixed diet, reducing the cattle and sheep are picky,trace element ,vitamin deficiency and toxicity, to improve the quality of milk and sheep meat's qualilty, reducing the incidence of cattle diseases, improving reproductive rate and saving feed cost.
The machine is indispensable for ranch and modern farm.

Features Of Feed Mixer
1.Shaft, gearbox, auger - mechanical transmission, a single rotary cutting auger, master spiral auger device, auger blades by rolling hardened handle, can hold more materials for circulation mixing;
2.Main auger screw with high wear-resistant material, machine pressed, smooth arc, with a rub and exclude foreign body functions;
3.Each corner of the box fixed a knife, according to the cutting conditions, each knife block has four adjustable position;
4.Electronic weighing system with warning functions,14 language available to use ,Precision <±1%,imported from Italy;
5.Thicker planetary gear transmission imported from Italy;
6.Non-vertical hydraulic system;
7,Hydraulic control of the discharge door;

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Parameter Of Feed Mixer
Model No. RL-V5 RL-V8 RL-V10 RL-V12 RL-V21
Type Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical
Vomume(m3) 5 8 10 12 21
Farm Scale(cow quantity) 100-300 600 800 1000 1500-2000
Weight(kg) 3000 3735 3880 4035 5125
Dimension(mm) 4700*2450*2000 4700*2450*2405 4700*2450*2720 4700*2450*2920 7434*2448*3130
Fixed knife number 8 8 8 8 8
Auger Speed(r/min) 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
Applied engine(KW) 40-50 70-80 85-90 100 135-150