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Corn Thresher

  • Spindle Speed: 1900~195rmp/min
  • Roller width: 700mm
  • Broken rate: Max. 0.1%
  • Threshing rate: 99%

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Introduction Of Corn Thresher
The corn thresher is used for taking the corn kernels off the corn cobs. Features of corn thresher
The corn thresher has advantage of Energy-saving and convenient, easy maintenance and work efficiency.
The corn thresher can be applied both as a stand-alone machine and in combination with a Grain/seed Cleaner, it can be integrated according to the specific needs in an existing range of machinery.
It has different models with different capacity from 3T/H-10T/H

Features of Corn Thresher

High Quality Corn Thresher
1.Corn Maize Threshing Machine;
2.Drive by motor;
3.Small size, Flexible.

Parameter Of Corn Thresher
Model 5T-40 5T-50

Size: 470*370*950mm 570*370*950mm
Spindle Speed 1900~195rmp/min.
Roller width 700mm
Broken rate Max. 0.1%
Threshing rate 99%
Working capacity Wheat: min. 500kgs/h
Rice: min. 550kgs/h
Corn: min.3000kg/h
Power supply requirement 2.2~3.5KW & 2800rmp/min.
Electric and diesel engines available