• silage harvester

corn silage harvester

  • Model Number: RL-1300
  • cutting width: 1.3m
  • Starw cutting length(mm: 3-15
  • matched power: 50-70hp
  • productivity( ha./hour): 0.27-0.34

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Introduction of corn silage harvester
Corn Silage harvester composed by the frame, suspension mechanism, gearbox, barrel shaft, tensioner pulley, land wheel, collection box, augers, fans and other components.
This machine can match with the more than 25 hp rear drive operations tractor.

Features of corn silage harvester

1.This corn silage suit for harvesting all kinds of standing wet and dry corn stalks, cotton stalks, banana straw, sorghum stalks, cereal straw, wheat straw, song rods straw and other biomass stalks.
2.Post-harvest straw crushed material can be directly applied to farms, feed mills and processing silage or straw pellets, charcoal plants, coal plants produce straw charcoal, straw and other biomass fuel for power generation coal, mushroom growers as a medium material.

Parameter of corn silage harvester
Model No. Matched power N.W (KG) Working efficiency (ha./h) Cutting length (cm) Qty of blades (piece) Height of stubble (cm)
RL-1300 50-70 600 0.27-0.34 3-15 30 8-13
RL -1500 60-90 700 0.34-0.4 3-15 40 8-13
RL -1650 90-100 850 0.4-0.47 3-15 42 8-13
RL -1800 100-120 900 0.47-0.54 3-15 48 8-13
RL -2000 120-130 1000 0.54-0.68 3-15 52 8-13