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Maize Planter For Sale

  • Model Number:: 2BYSF-4
  • Application: : for maize planting
  • Working efficiency ( Acre/h):: (0.5~0.75)
  • Seeding depth(mm):: 30-50 (adjustable)
  • L×W×H(mm):: 1450×1260×1000

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Introduction of maize planter:
This maize planting machine is matched with tractor in 12-40HP for working,it mainly used for precise sowing single seed or double seeds corn in no-tillage field, can drill graininess fertilizer, which can finish furrowing channel for fertilizer , furrowing seeds channel , sowing seeds, covering, pressing etc during one operation.

Features of maize planter machine:
1. High precision seeding, the qualified ratio of corn kernel can reach more than 80% ;
2. High-speed operation. The speed of seeding can reach 8 km/h when the planting spacing less than 20 cm;
3. Accurate hole distance. Seedling evenly distributed, reduce the competition of the seeding growing, enable the fully individual growth and the high output of crop;
4. Powerful Transmission System: The transmission axles of each row are contacted as a whole, driving with consistent turning speed. Even if one of the rows’ ground wheel slips suddenly, it wont affect the normal sowing;
5. Easy-operated Gear Box lever. The whole seeders’ planting spacing of each row can be changed as long as changing the transmission ratio of gearbox;
6. High quality Gears and Transmission components. All the gears in gearbox are made of the best steel carburized, all the transmission Components were put to use the quality of rolling bearing, reliable performance.

Parameter of maize planter:
Overall dimensions 1450×1260×1000 1460×1650×1000 1440×1950×980
Weight(kg) 140 190 270
Minimum Power of tractor kW(HP) 8.8~13.2kw 11~22.5kw 18.3~29.4
(12~18hp) (15~30) (25~40)
Working efficiency ( Acre/h) (0.5~0.75) (0.75~1.2) (0.95`~1.75)
Sowing number 2 3 4
Row distance(mm) 428~630 428~800 428~570
Seeds hopper capacity(L) 9X2 9X3 9X4
Type of seeding mechanism ladle-type
Type of fertilizer feed Nylon big external grooved sheave
Opening share of fertilize Shovel type opening share
Plough dept (mm) 60~80
Fertilizing depth (mm) 60~80
Seeding depth(mm) 30-50 (adjustable)
Type of furrow cover Double-disc cover
Linkage Three-point rear suspension
drive style land wheel
Seeding crop type corn
Sowing rate(kg/Acre) 0.3~0.5
Planting distance(mm) Single model 140,173,226,280
Double model 280,346,452,560
(four distance for chose)
vertical distance seeds and fertilizer in fields(mm) 50