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Introduction Of Corn Feed Grinder
Our machine generally consists of stand, feeding trough, squeezing part, rubbing and crushing part,power part as well.The main working parts are squeezing part and rubbing part. Which  is used to rub and soften crop straw, forage and other crops making it the special machinery and equipment for high quality feed.

Features Of Corn Feed Grinder
1. Steel frame structure,low noise, stable performance, convenient to move.
2. Hammer uses high quality steel, with a special processing technology, super wear-resisting.
3. Effect is good, all for filamentous, utilization rate 95%.
4.can be driven by both electricity and diesel

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Parameter Of Corn Feed Grinder

Model 9RC-50 9RC-70 9RC-70B 9RC-100
Motor 11-15 kw 37 kw 37kw 18.5kw
Capacity 0.8-1.5 T/H 3-6 T/H 2-8 T/H 2-6 T/H
Dimension(mm) 1584*1082*1043 5000*1808*2532 2100*1666*1248 1280*1070*1585