Wheat Seed Dressing Technique


Wheat is the main food crops, in recent years, with the cultivation conditions, species distribution and other factors change, the incidence of wheat pests increased, especially wheat stripe rust, wheat powdery mildew, wheat aphid occurrence of the most serious, to wheat production safety Resulting in a greater threat.Wheat seed dressing is the first stage of wheat pest control work, is to prevent wheat stripe rust and other pests and diseases of an effective measure.

Implementation of wheat seed dressing, not only can effectively improve the seed germination rate, to promote the whole seedlings, Miao Qi, Miao Zhuang, but also reduce the incidence of disease in the spring of next year to win the wheat harvest, is an economic, convenient and safe measures, can play To a multiplier effect.

First, seed dressing before seed treatment

1, drying: sunny day the seeds will be exposed to the sun in the sun for 2-3 days, and often flip through the ultraviolet light to kill the surface of the seed germs and eggs, improve seed viability, and promote seed germination.



2, the selection of species: sun after seed screening, remove the seeds of small particles, broken grain, grass seeds, debris and pests with the seeds to ensure that the seed size with uniform neat, no pests.