How to manage the wheat grow rapidly.


1, due to early sowing, found a grow rapidly wheat,according to the circumstance timely after wheat seeding tillering crackdown,Through suppression can inhibit the growth of main stem, have the effect of temporarily delay the wheat growth.

2, the catcher of the large amount of planting, first timely thin blade, set up appropriate population structure, promote the individual development.Combined with water, add a moderate amount of nitrogen, available phosphorus fertilizer, in order to make up for the excessive consumption of soil nutrients.

4, some varieties of spring, and early sowing, once found, should pay attention to on the basis of the early HuaChu, repression

5, according to wang zhen long processing: mong long not serious crop can adopt the method of deep increased control its growth.

6, timely watering the frozen water: water before winter can supplement moisture, stable ground temperature and promote root development, ensure safe wintering, and create a good soil moisture for the following spring wheat seeding root, can also get much soil, crushing KeLa.