Mixed wheat drought resistance and yield increase


Before planting wheat, with a mixture of phosphorus and boron soaking, make wheat drought resistance and yield. Reasons for early production mainly in three aspects: one is to promote root growth of wheat, to absorb water and nutrients deep in the soil; the second is to extend leaf stage, leaf area increased by 25%, significantly enhances photosynthesis, the third is to improve the conversion of organic matter, strong, big, grains and grain per ear full.

Method: Add 3 kg smashing SSP into 50 kg water, stick fully stir, put it aside, thick residue after the sinking, will clarify the liquid pour into another container, which is the leaching solution of 6% SSP, and add 50 g of boric acid mixture, which is the mixture of phosphorus and boron. Seed dry weight of 10% spray mixture of phosphorus and boron, spraying seed side turning, requires every seed evenly into the solution. Treating seeds roots increases 30% by this method, the stem height 3-5cm, stem diameter increased 0.2-0.4mm, leaf area increased by 20%-30%, increased spikelets effectively 1-2pieces, thousand grain weight of 1-2 grams. Plant water absorption and water-retention ability, conducive to the protection of plant protoplasts, showing tolerance to drought effects.