weeding technology in paddy field


There are various weeds in the paddy.The main dominant species are Elecharis azurea,Clincher,barnyard grass,Paspalum distichum, Rotala indica, Murdannia triquetra,etc.Chemical weeding work should be developed in paddy field.

Seeds in pregermination need to use 40-60 g 40% bensulfuron pretilachlor plus 25kg water/mu spraying the paddy, There must be shallow water in rail groove to keep wet after spraying medicine.

Winter fallow field was overgrown with grass and weeds.10-15 days before the planting,using 10% glyphosate 800ml or Ammonium Glyphosate 200ml plus 25kg water spray the paddy(no hydrops in field),other rice seedling bed also can use 35% butachlor WP120g plus 25kg water spraying the paddy.

At 2-3 leaf stage of rice seedling and leaf stage of weeds, draining paddy and spraying it with 36% Benzylidene chloride WP 50g plus 25kg water.24 hours after medicine add the water below the seedling leaves,water retention in 5-7days.

Prevention birds and insect pests,using 35% Carbosulfan waterless-dressing seeds 12g or using 5% Regent FS 20-30ml/kg waterless-dressing seeds can repellant birds and rice thrips.

Notes: applying medication according to the technical requirements,defend the risk of damage of biology.