How to improve the efficiency of Urea

 Urea is a kind of solid nitrogen concentration in the highest amide nitrogen fertilizer, 46% of nitrogen,Convenient, and high effect. After urea applied into the soil,the utilization usually only 45%-50%.So how to improve the efficiency of Urea?We should to do as below:

1,Deep placement:fertilization depth between 10-12cm is better,fertilizer in the wet soil,It is good for the Urea to transform and prevent the volatilization of ammonia.

2,Earlier placement:The urea could not be used directly by the crops,It will be absorbed by the root after transform.So the urea need to apply earlier to prevent the crop prolong the growth and late-maturing.

3,Spraying:Urea molecule is small,soluble in water easily and strong diffusibility, It is easily being absorbed by leaf and is not affected by soil environment, improve the utilization of nutrients

4,Mixing:Urea with organic fertilizer, phosphorus potassium fertilizer and others together can meet the crop’s demand of different nutrition.Improve the production maximumly.

But please pay attention that the percent of nitrogen in Urea is high,nutrient concentration is heavy and with larger hygroscopicity.

So when urea be used as topdressing,do not apply the urea near the root of the crops and can not fall the urea in the heart of crops to prevent to burn the seedling and effect the growth of crops.