Wheat seeding of the five key technology

1. Choose saving water,high and stable yields breed.Adopt ‘Select superior species, rational distribution, complete sets of good varieties and method’,
 According to the ecological conditions, the level of production and other factors, We choose water saving, yields stable and strong stress resistance breed.
2.Deep scarification ,rotary tillage and separated layer fertilization

This method combine the deep scarification with deep fertilization, and then it will increasing water storage, breaking plow pan and placing base fertilizer deep .
3.Sowing with enough moisture and keeping high germination rate
 When seeding the wheat, we must keep suitable entropy that the relative water content of surface soil is about 80%.
4.Strong suppression technology after sowing
 Suppressing after sowing can effectively crush the clumping soil, solid soil and improve the contact of the seed and soil.

5.Seed dressing and long-term prevention and control
 Wheat seed-coating can reduce the harm of diseases and pests, keep seeding healthy.