Rice Nursery Technology


1.How to confirm the rice nursery time?
   When temperature stability in 5 ℃ -6 ℃ ,we can start the rice nursery process. ( after covering film or greenhouse film, temperature can increase to 12 ℃ or above it ) Before rice transplanting 25—30 days, it is the best time for rice nursery.

2.How to confirm the seeding rate ?
   Seeding rate generally advised to be dilute, only under the appropriate lighting, seeding can grow strong. For throwing seedling tray or bowl insertion tray, seeding rate better to be ------per square meter (5 to 6 tray) 300 grams.

3.Main technology of rice nursery
   Tray:  A special plastic tray, this seedling bed clod is not easily to be catechesis, more convenient for transportation.
    Rice nursery: each space in tray means a place for seedling. To get stronger rice seedling, each space for 4—5 pieces seed is ok. 

4.Preparation work before seedling: crushing and screening fine soil. 100 kg of fine soil mixed with 1KG nitrogen fertilizer and piled dirt fermented for 15 days, stir once before using this nutrient soil.
5.Selected site and flat the soil, make each ridge 1 meter width.