How to make rice mill grinding out the rice


Farmer prefer to use rice husking machine to processing pure white rice.however many rice grinder will make the rice broken and turn yellow.

In order to improve the quality of rice milling, farmer ought to pay attention to adjust two parts of the machine, one is the huller blade, the other one is the inport&export.if you want to grinder the Grain full color is white, good quality rice, you must according the following step to adjustment.

One: the gap in the huller blade and roller must be appropriate .The gap can not be less than the transverse diameter of the grain, otherwise easily broken rice; longitudinal gap of no more than the diameter of a grain of rice, coarse rice otherwise.


Two, Import and export knife to cooperate well.generally, the import knife's opening can be controlled through the opening 2/1,can not exceeding the openning 2/3.