Reasons of rice seedling turn yellow color

 Various reasons as below:

1. Nitrogen deficiency: Turn yellow start with the tip of older leaves, then gradually extends to the stem and leaf, and finally whole plants develop into yellow-green.

2. Poisoning: Hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Roots become black and send rotten egg smell. Small white roots in thin plume shape, base of old leaves was brown.

3. Fertilizer or pesticide damage: Improperly using of ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia, pesticides, etc. will cause crop poisoning .Rice leaves will turn bright yellow or golden yellow, sometimes go along with burn spot. Subsequently old leaves withered and upper remained only 1-2 pieces of green leaves.

4. Fungal infections lead to yellow. Bacterial Blight causes yellow leaves.

5. Physiological premature due to the decline of biological activity of rice root system. Or yellow leaves come with physiological phenomena which related to species in nature.