Potato cultivators Technoical


First,Combine cultivator , early hilling .
After the potato seed has grow at 250px,weeding must Combined with weeding ripper, do a cultivators .hilling.Ridging height about 125 px. potato budding period ,it must be high ridging,Ridging wide and thick,the hight is about 375px,at the same time,Protect the lower leaves.

Second, Strengthen the water management
In the germination period, we should water one time for potato,Flowers boom and corruption period according to the weather situation for a small amount of water,Late if rainfall is heavy, should pay attention to drainage and prevent water.

Third,Control the plant diseases and insect pests
The potato plant diseases and insect pests in early disease late blight and leaf flies,Plant diseases and insect pests monitoring should be strengthened, when you found the disease,ought be prompt remoal.