Planting Technology Of Potato


Seed treatment:

Tiling potato pieces 2-3 days under natural environment.After the wound lost water,covering potato pieces with plastic cloth for keeping warm .It can be sown when buds have grown about 2 mm.New potato species need accelerate germination in gibberellin. It means after washing the starch,using 2-5ppm to soak. Focuses the potatoes and put the straw or thatch under them and cover on plastic cloth. When buds have grown about 2 mm, we can sow them.

Soil selection:

Select altitude of 1600 meters and loose silty loam above medium fertility with the convenient transportation . To ensure the purity of potato, don’t select land that the predecessor are flue-cured tobacco and solanaceae crop.

Planting density:

Adopt the double rows per plant planting methods.Main linewidth is 1 meter and small spacing is 0.4 meters.Planting distance 0.2 to 0.3 meters, ensure 5000-5000 plants per acre

Potato cutting methods:

We need use no greasy and no salt knife to cut the potatoes from the top. Broke the terminal bud and keep one or two buds and 25-30 grams one piece.When wound have lost water, we can sow them.

Base fertilizer:

Fertilize matured farm manure 1000kg ,Calcium superphosphate 50kg, urea 20kg and potassium sulfate 15kg per mu.

Field management:

After 30 days, do the first weeding with the earth up. After10 days,do the second earth up, weed control and keep drainage unblocked. Manuring a certain amount of urea or foliage spray According to the situation of potato seedlings growth.