How To Identify The Moldy Maize

Mildewed maize to feed pigs could lead to a pig poisoning and loss of appetite.In order to avoid the pigs eat mildew maize.The breeder should learn "how to identify the moldy maize".

1.Mildewed maize germ have yellow or green, black hyphae;
2.Mildewed maize husk separation easily;

3.The maize germ internal of the moldy maize have bigger black or dark gray area;
4.On the palate, good maize taste sweet, mold maize taste bitter;
5.On the plumpness, mildewed maize proportion is low, the grain is not full.
6.Black maize kernels, is caused by high temperature and humidity for a long time;Germ skin is green, it is caused by threshing early and too late sun;The skin color of germ is green or black,it is because the boring time is too long.