How To Treat Maize Seeds Before Sowing

Maize seeds are treated before sowing,it not only can improve germination rate and promote seedling growth,it also can kill bacteria on the seed skin and reduce the harm of diseases and pests,it can promote the maize seedling thrive.

1.Drying Maize seeds
Spreading the selected seeds on land or gallery,5-6 cm thick,continuous sun 2-3 days.Don't spread out seeds directly on the cement or the metal plate.In order to avoid high temperature scald seeds.

2.Dressing seeds
There are many kinds of seed dressing agents,such as control corn virus, prevention and treatment of root rot agents, smut agents,control soil pests.After dressing corn seeds,after drying,the seeds will can be sown use maize seeder.

In the case of maize soil pests and diseases mixing occurs,it can use mixed reagent seed dressing,when seed dressing,first mix pesticides,dried and then mixed with fungicides.

3.Using special indicated coating,dosage is 50mm.Seed 5-7 kg,both can prevent and cure.