Technology of Maize Precision Sowing


1, Seed Treatment: After sun drying, wrap the corn seeds in a layer of drug: a disease resistance, insect resistance and promote the seed germination ability

2, Good soil moisture (moisture content suitable for the growth), land should be leveling and smooth.

3, Rational close planting, determined seeding rate: In order to achieve reasonable density should consider the breed characteristics of seed. Secondly, if the soil fertility is ok, the planting density can be large. In drought-prone areas without irrigation, planting density should be diluted.

4, the calculation method for the amount of corn planting: seed quantity (kg) = grains per hole x planting density x grain weight x land area.

5, Determine the depth of sowing: sowing depth generally 5 to 6 cm is appropriate.

6, Suitable for applying seed fertilizer: the amount of seed fertilizer should be controlled, and the seed, fertilizer should be isolated, general 75 ~ 120kg DAP per ha.