How to improve the corn yield


First,Prohibit late sowing.planting corn on the autumn, the temperature must be above 35 ℃, short vegetative growth period,Have bad effect on seeding growth.


Second,Anti-Drought.Corn have a large requirements of water, corn growing autumn corn more easy suffer drought ,Especially corn
jointing and booting, heading and flowering stage water consumption, water requirement for more sensitive.


Third,Anti-fertilization late.Early autumn cornfield high temperatures, fast growth, fertilizer should be applied early, early grasp Miaofei,
Panicle fierce, fast-acting fertilizer mainly to the principle.


Fourth, Anti-Pest.harm autumn corn and corn borer pest mainly aphids,Prevention corn borer, corn leaf stage, BT emulsion 150 ml per
acre, watered 1 kg, 15 kg mixed with fine sand, formulated as granules, thrown into the inner leaf, 3 to 4 grams per plant.