The Right Way To Grow Rice

Rice is China's major food crops,most people are eating paddy.In fact, a lot of people have not seen the paddy.Also don't know how to grow paddy.The floowing is the introduction of how to grow paddy.

1.Choose the right time:The time of paddy seeder is after April.Choose good paddy, foaming in cold water,then put in the appropriate temperature incubator for paddy seed budding.

2.After the budding,sowing the bud to the seedbed.Cover the earth, watering enough water,covered with thin film,waiting emergence.

3.Tidy up farmland, when the seedlings grow to a certain length, can transplant to the field.

4.After planting,Our attention should be paid to management about the field of anti-insect fertilizing, weeding, drought-resisting.

5.General paddy will blossom in July and August;we should pay attention to pests and fertilizer.

6.Rice will mature in October.

7.Then is harvest, choose a sunny day, for the harvest.