"master piece" for farmers working


The Cultivator: The cultivator is not more than 7.5 kW, can directly use drive by shaft drive rotary working parts (such as rotary tillage), This kind of machine mainly used for water, upland soil preparation, rural management, facilities agriculture cultivation.  

Cultivator machine is widely applicable to the original, the dry land of mountains, hills, paddy field, orchard, etc.With the corresponding tools,it can be pumped, power generation, spraying, spraying operations.
It also Can tract trailer for short-distance transport.
Micro tillage machine can free exercise in the field, it easy to use and store, Solved the problem that the large agricultural machinery inaccessible mountain field.It is the best choice of the alternative oxen-led farmers consumer.

Seeder is seeds planting machinery for sowing seeds.
Used for certain or some thing seeder, often add the crop name in the previous,
Such as cereal seeder, corn seeder, cotton seeder, grass seeder, etc.

Planting is a key link of agricultural production,seeder can guarantee the seed in the field keep the most reasonable distribution, uniform rate precisely, planting distance and sowing depth. Creating optimum condition for the growth and development of seed, and it can save seeds ,lessen the labor of thinning and guarantee the output of crop .

Harvester is the integration machine for harvest the crops. Finish the harvesting and threshing in one time. And concentrate the grain on the storage bin, then through the conveyor belt and send food to the transport car.It Also can use in artificial harvesting.put The rice straw, wheat and other crops on the field,Then use harvest machine to thresh and pick up.
harvest machine for Harvesting rice, wheat and other cereal crops of grain and straw Including harvesters,cutter rower, binder, grain combine harvester and grain thresher, etc.