Degeneration of Potato and Its prevent


●What is a potato degeneration?

   Potatoes are sowed in spring in low latitude Summer burning hot areas, after a year or a few years later, production decreased or no harvest, this phenomenon called potato degeneration.

 ●How to prevent degradation of potato?

1, Choose disease resistance varieties

2, Keep seed from autumn sowing and late sowing. So it is in the cold weather of the tuber, robust plant growth, enhancing disease resistance, and not conducive to the breeding of virus infection so as to reduce degradation.

3, Adopting suitable cultivation measures, such as planting in selected sandy loam, high fertilizer, rational close planting, strengthen field management, timely control aphids, and early harvest, etc. can promote healthy plant growth, enhance the ability of anti-degradation and reduce field virus and prevent degradation. To avoid the storage of tubers affected by high temperature or cryogenic freezing and dehydration shrinkage, premature bud loss of nutrients, pest damage and so on, to prevent the old bad seed, reduced viability, which causing degradation.