China-Africa Ten Cooperation We Only Do Agricultural

Dear Friend:
Good day and hope everything goes well!
You might have been concerned about the JOHANNESBURG SUMMIT.

A good new from the Summit is our China President Xi Jinping had announced the "10 major plans" in cooperation with Africa in the coming three years, among the "10 major plans", Agricultural Modernization and Industrial Modernization are the top two priority.

China will provide $60 billion fund to guarantee the implementation of the plans, which means you can get credit guarantee from the China government for import business from now on.

Zhengzhou Raphael Agriculture Machinery Co.,Ltd as one of the nominated companies by our Government, we are primarily responsible for supplying farm machinery, farm implements, tractors, and free agricultural technical support.

What we can do for you?
1.We can provide modernization of agricultural machinery integration solutions, including:
A.Corn machinery: corn planter, harvester,thresher, etc.

B.Wheat machinery:wheat seeder, reaper, thresher,etc.

C.Rice machinery:rice seeder, reaper, thresher,etc.

D.Potato machinery:potato seeder, harvester, sorting machine,etc.

E.Peanut Machinery:peanut Planter,harvester,sheller,etc.
F.Orchard Machinery:sir blast sprayer,fertilizer machine,grass cutter,etc.

G.Garden Machinery:brush cutter,blower,chainsaw,etc.
H.All kinds of horsepower tractors, and adaptation of agricultural machinery, such as plough, rake, digging machines, etc.

2.We will provide favorable terms of payment for the integrity of the buyer with the support of the China government, including:
A.Sell on credit(O/A)
B.Payment by L/C, D/P payment
C.Other payment that you want to use.
3.We can provide technical support and training for farmers and agriculture project dealers relying on China's agricultural scientific research institutions.
4.We also can provide agriculture related market analysis and guidance for the global distributors, agents,strive for the local agricultural modernization together.

Hope we both take this opportunity to achieve cooperation!
Anticipating to hear from you very soon!
Best wishes!